Comprehensive Branding

Hanceville Cattle Co. and Range & Co.

From Comfort Food to Quality Ranching

Our partnership with Randy and Cindy Jones, the dynamic couple behind Hanceville Cattle Co. and Range & Co., has been a remarkable journey that began in 2014. Back then, they were the proud owners and operators of Mile One Eating House, a beloved comfort food restaurant in Pemberton, BC, which had taken the community by storm since its launch in 2011. Notably, Mile One Eating House secured the majority of “Best of Pemberton” awards in the food and beverage sector, becoming a culinary destination where even Vancouverites made the trek for a world-class burger. Their dedication to quality comfort food set a high bar, and they welcomed us into their culinary world to enhance their brand.


A Journey of Epicurious Branding


Hanceville Cattle Co.
Range & Co.

Services Provided

Graphic Design
Print + Digital Design
Web Design & Development


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Design Partnership

As their trusted designer, we embarked on a multitude of design projects over the years. These projects included website maintenance, window decals, the creation of the Mile One Market Logo, the design of their Night Market Maker Series Event logo and marketing, ad campaigns, and menu design. In 2020, we undertook a logo rebranding, simplifying their look and infusing it with sophistication. In addition to these exciting projects, we collaborated on passion projects such as the Producer Infographic Display, where we showcased the origins of their locally sourced and expertly curated products sold in their market thru a multi-panel visual display. For this endeavor, we not only designed the infographics but also managed photography and copywriting by local talent. Most recently, we created a fun and engaging visual map for them to visually answer their number one question received while at market: Where is Hanceville?


Ario Construction Ltd. Website Design and Development

Transition to Ranching – Welcome Hanceville Cattle Co.

Randy and Cindy’s journey took an exciting turn in 2018 when they ventured into ranching, giving birth to Hanceville Cattle Co. Nestled in Chilcotin Country, BC, this venture was dedicated to bringing 100% Grass-fed beef to the table, further solidifying their commitment to culinary excellence. We were there to provide comprehensive branding support, which included logo design, a brand identity toolkit, web design and development of their user-friendly e-commerce site, banner stand design, ad campaigns, social media campaign artwork, merchandise, and more. Their commitment to quality in the food industry remained unwavering, and their website served not only as a platform to showcase their high-end grass-finished beef but also as an educational resource for their clientele.

Range & Co.

In 2022, Range & Co. was founded to embark on a new culinary adventure, bridging the gap between agriculture and crafted culinary delights. We had the honor of helping them with logo design and marketing materials for this exciting venture. Range & Co.’s mission is to deliver artisanal frozen dishes right to your kitchen, ensuring you and your family can savor meals that are both delicious and nourishing.


Our collaboration with Hanceville Cattle Co. and Range & Co. has been an inspiring journey through the world of culinary excellence and branding. Randy and Cindy Jones’ dedication to delivering the highest quality, whether in the form of 100% grass-fed beef or artisanal frozen dishes, has been a driving force behind our branding initiatives. Their commitment to excellence mirrors our own, and together, we’ve crafted branding experiences that reflect their passion and commitment to culinary perfection. From the ranch to the kitchen, their story is a testament to the power of quality, dedication, and innovative branding in the ever-evolving world of gastronomy.