Branding Education

Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Branding Education


Our collaboration with Empowered Startups and its sub-branch, Empowered Nations, was a multifaceted project aimed at providing comprehensive support for innovative business ideas while embracing Indigenous culture and values. Sumire Design played a pivotal role in various aspects of this venture, including initial web design & devlopment, marketing and educational outreach.


Branding Education, Website Development, Branding Material, Marketing Material.


Empowered Nations & Empowered Startups

Services Provided

Graphic Design
Print Design
Web Design & Development

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Web Design and Branding for Empowered Nations

  • Web Design: Sumire Design crafted an engaging CMS-based website for Empowered Nations. The website aimed to provide a welcoming digital space for Indigenous entrepreneuers and garner interest for future prospective students.

Educational Outreach – Branding 101 and Brand Identity:

Our involvement extended beyond design and web development. We had the privilege of teaching two in-person classes, “Branding 101” and “Brand Identity,” to Empowered Nations’ entrepreneurial students for two consecutive years.

Lesson Structure

  • Structured Curriculum: We developed a structured curriculum covering both “Branding 101” and “Brand Identity.” These courses were designed to empower students with the fundamental principles of branding.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Our courses went beyond teaching that a brand is not merely a logo but a comprehensive identity and message for a company, product, or service. We emphasized that branding actively shapes the perception consumers have as they come into contact with a business.
  • Inspirational Indigenous-Owned Businesses: In our quest to provide students with real-world inspiration, we delved into the success stories of Indigenous-owned businesses. These enterprises are true exemplars of the power of branding, showcasing how it can authentically reflect cultural heritage, values, and aspirations. Among these businesses are Cheekbone Cosmetics, Satya Organics, Sahtu Adventures Inc., and Manitobah Mukluks. These Indigenous-owned businesses served as living examples, illustrating how a well-crafted brand identity can positively influence consumer perceptions and foster business success, just as effectively as they capture the essence of their respective cultures and communities.
  • Inspirational Quotes: As part of our curriculum, we provided students with invaluable insights from industry leaders. We drew inspiration from powerful quotes that underscored the significance of design and branding in the business world. One such quote is, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand,” attributed to Paul Rand. Additionally, we shared the wisdom of Jeff Bezos, who famously stated, “A brand is what people say about your business when you’re not in the room.” These quotes served as guiding principles, illuminating the profound impact of branding on a business’s reputation and emphasizing the enduring importance of a well-crafted brand identity.


Ario Construction Ltd. Website Design and Development

Impact and Results

Our goal was to inspire and equip these entrepreneurial students with the knowledge and skills to create impactful brand identities and understand that branding extends far beyond a logo. We aimed to instill in them the idea that a brand actively influences how people perceive a business, product, or service, even when the business isn’t directly present.


Sumire Design takes immense pride in being part of Empowered Nations’ mission to foster economic growth, self-determination, and reconciliation within Indigenous communities. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to creating meaningful design solutions and empowering entrepreneurs through education and mentorship.