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“Love Pemberton, Buy Local” Campaign


In 2020, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce took a proactive approach to support the local businesses in their community. The “Love Pemberton, Buy Local” campaign was born out of the desire to revive and promote the local economy while businesses were cautiously reopening. Sumire Design had the privilege of collaborating with the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Meredith Kemp of Amplify Marketing, to create a compelling visual identity and marketing materials for this impactful initiative.


May 2020


Pemberton Chamber of Commerce

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Love Pemberton Buy Local Campaign Postcard Design
Love Pemberton Buy Local Campaign Tote Bag
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Love Pemberton Buy Local Campaign Floor Decal Design

Campaign Goals

The primary objective of the “Love Pemberton, Buy Local” campaign was to encourage the community to continue supporting their local businesses during the uncertain times of the pandemic. The campaign sought to:

  1. Raise awareness about the importance of shopping locally.
  2. Foster a sense of community unity.
  3. Promote economic recovery for Pemberton’s businesses.

Creative Collaboration

Under the leadership of Meredith Kemp, the Chamber of Commerce partnered with Sumire Design to bring this campaign to life. Together, we developed a comprehensive set of visual elements that would resonate with the community and effectively convey the message of supporting local businesses.


Love Pemberton, Buy Local Campaign Graphic


Campaign Highlights

Main Graphic: The centerpiece of the campaign was a visually striking main graphic that served as a symbol of unity and community spirit. This graphic was prominently displayed throughout Pemberton to catch the attention of residents and visitors alike.

Marketing Collateral: To further promote the campaign and its message, we designed a range of marketing collateral, including:

  • Tote Bags: These reusable bags became walking billboards, encouraging people to shop locally wherever they went.
  • Posters for Local Businesses: Eye-catching posters were created for local businesses to display in their storefronts, emphasizing the importance of buying local.
  • Stickers: Vibrant stickers featuring the campaign’s branding were distributed to businesses and community members to spread the word.
  • Floor Stickers: These unique decals were placed strategically in stores to remind shoppers to support local businesses while maintaining social distancing.
  • Site Signage: Signs with the campaign’s branding were placed at key locations to remind everyone to “Love Pemberton, Buy Local.”
  • T-Shirts: Custom-designed T-shirts were available for purchase, allowing community members to proudly wear their support for local businesses.

Distribution and Community Engagement

To ensure the campaign’s success, the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce actively engaged with the community. They distributed the campaign materials, including stickers, window decals, posters, and floor decals, directly to businesses. Additionally, the Visitor Info Centre served as a hub for community members to pick up campaign materials while supplies lasted.

Social Media Engagement

The campaign leveraged the power of social media to reach a wider audience. Local businesses were encouraged to participate by sharing posts and thanking the community for their support. This social media engagement helped amplify the message and build a stronger sense of community.


The “Love Pemberton, Buy Local” campaign was a shining example of community collaboration and resilience during challenging times. Through a powerful visual identity and a heartfelt message, this initiative successfully encouraged residents and visitors alike to support Pemberton’s local businesses, ultimately contributing to the revitalization of the local economy.

Love Pemberton Buy Local Campaign - Local Producer Stickers