August 2013

Slow Food Cycle Sunday 2013

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Another Slow Food Cycle Sunday event in the books. Nearly 4,000 riders showed up to Pemberton for this lovely event. We feel lucky to be able to create the yearly logo design for the event while working with Anna Helmer and Niki VanKerk to bring the knowledge to the general public of where our food comes from.

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December 2012

Family time with coffee.

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Well, my site, blog and work have taken a back seat to the rest of my life for now. We have taken a break to enjoy the family and coffee shop expansion. Instead of design work and art. My days are filled to the brim with children, crafts and snacks. Pretty amazing to experience this side of things. Life is feeling full these days. On the business side of things, Mount Currie Coffee Co. Has opened it's doors on the second location in Whistler, BC. (Main St.) pop in and support an independent coffee shop in the heart of British Columbia!

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May 2012

State of the Art 2011

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We were lucky enough to participate in this year's State of the Art, Art Exhibit at the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler this Spring. It's an amazing opportunity to be featured with some amazing artists from far and wide. "There are no rules and this is not a paint-inside-the-lines event. Sub-cultures and anti-movements are celebrated and portrayed in gritty and thought-provoking mediums." It's my favorite event in Whistler each year.

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March 2012

Lisa Sumire Ankeny featured in Whistler Is Awesome.

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Click here to read more:   The Photos 01 Most recent art cluster hanging at Mount Currie Coffee Co. Pembie. 02 Little stack of inspiration. Schramm Gin Label Redesign – Completed Fall 2011. 03 Ski Topsheet Graphics created for G3. This is my 3rd year with them. In stores now! 04 My Bulletin Board. Remnants of family, inspiration, angel and devil from Oaxaca and endless ‘To Do List’. 05 My nightly reading these days. I read at least five books a day! 06 My co-workers. (Actually hand made wedding cake toppers a friend made, that got stuck in that untimely postal strike.) 07 My partner in crime. Still spunky at times and almost 14. I hope I have her genes. 08 Office Treats. Short medium roast, black. Kale chips. Java Jacket design completed Fall 2009.  

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January 2012

December 2011

Winter work at Mount Currie Coffee Company

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I am lucky to have my second solo show at Mount Currie Coffee Company in Pemberton, BC this Winter. Just in time for the snowfall. This series is all acrylic and mixed media on wood panel, inspired by the good things in life. Each month of the year is represented, along intertwined with an uplifting image or idea. This is the first time I signed any work as Lisa Ankeny (my new married name) and it feels great! Pop in and have a peek with your latté!   Happy Winter!  

August 2011

2011 Slow Food Cycle Sunday Map and Guide.

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If you need an excuse to visit Pemberton, BC let this be it. This event showcases everything Pemberton has to offer. This fertile farmland in the middle of the Coast Range, BC is simply amazing.

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Featured on!

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Sumire Design has been featured on a local website which devotes its energy on showcasing everything that makes our little valley so amazing. Please take a minute and check it out!

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July 2011

Limited Edition Slow Food Cycle Totes

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  A very limited number of Slow Food Cycle Sunday totes are being made for this year's event August 21, 2011. For the 6th year in a row, Sumire Design has teamed up with Limelight Screen Printing for the event's shirts and totes. This year's design is based on the activity itself. The vintage row of bicycles reflects the very reason the event takes place. A reminder to enjoy the view and reflect on the 'art of growing' in the valley. A chance to slow down and see where your food comes from and to support local. An opportunity to meet growers, producers, food lovers etc... and start lasting relationships. If you're interested in a tote, email us and we'll set one aside for you. Happy Cycling.

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May 2011

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