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Blackcomb Liquor Store


Welcome to the world of Blackcomb Liquor Store, where hip, resourceful, and community-driven spirits meet exceptional libations. We are proud to have been partners with Michael and Rachel Kompass, the passionate owners of Blackcomb Liquor Store, since their inception in 2007. Our collaboration has evolved over the years, from creating their initial logo to a full rebrand in 2019, and from the original website design in 2007 to a 2021 e-commerce upgrade. Together, we’ve ventured into custom merchandise, designed captivating marketing materials, including window decals, and forged a brand that epitomizes Whistler’s vibrant culture.

Owners Michael and Rachel Kompass

Michael and Rachel Kompass, the heart and soul of Blackcomb Liquor Store, are not your average liquor store proprietors. They are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Michael a free-range sommelier and Rachel a chef at large. Their shared passion for wine and food culture forms the bedrock of Blackcomb Liquor Store’s identity. They’ve fostered a culture that treats staff like family, turning every visit to their store into a warm and inviting experience.


2007 – Present


Blackcomb Liquor Store
Rachel and Michael Kompass

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Community Commitment

Michael and Rachel are continuously giving back to the community. Their dedication to Whistler, Squamish and the Sea to Sky corridor is a testament to their belief that food and wine culture can turn a table into a home. Learn more about their community involvement here.


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Ario Construction Ltd. Brand Style Guide

Our Creative Collaboration:

Our journey with Blackcomb Liquor Store has been marked by creativity, innovation, and community spirit. Over the years, we’ve delved into various projects, including:

  • Logo Design: We crafted their initial logo in 2007, capturing the essence of their brand and culture. In 2019, we rebranded it to reflect their evolving identity.
  • Website Development: From the original website in 2007 to the 2017 redesign, with an e-commerce addition in 2021, we’ve ensured their digital presence is as exceptional as their in-store experience.
  • Merchandise: We’ve designed and produced a range of custom merchandise, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, caps, and stainless steel wine carafes.
  • Marketing Materials: From business cards and letterheads to shop-branded stickers, email newsletters, ad campaigns, window decals, site signage and car magnets, we’ve created a cohesive and eye-catching marketing suite.


Celebrating Our Journey

Our 15-year collaboration with Blackcomb Liquor Store is a testament to the power of creativity, partnership, and shared commitment. Together, we’ve seen Blackcomb Liquor Store evolve into a community hub where food and wine culture thrive.

Cheers to the past, present, and future of our partnership. Here’s to Michael, Rachel, and Blackcomb Liquor Store, where passion, quality, and community spirit come together in every sip and every creative endeavor.

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