Pemberton Festival is Coming to Town.

The show is two weeks away.Have you seen the line-up? It's pretty stout.I will be having a few paintings at the Pemberton Festival Art Show during the event.Be sure to check it out if you're around! There will be a merchandise table as well selling all sorts of artsy smartsie must-have shizzle!Oh.. and stop by Mount Currie Coffee Company on your way in or out of town to see more work!


A couple inspirations have come up lately:1. Artist Betsy Barnum has work up at Mount Currie Coffee Company. Her work is breathtaking... Full of depth and life! Take a look at her site: REVERIE STUDIOHere is a sample:2. The Cats of MirikitaniGripping film about Jimmy Mirikitani, "Master Artist". The film is by a little saint: Linda Hattendorf... I highly recommend it. You are able to see how you need a little help sometimes and have to overcome your cultural pride to get it!It's interesting to see because it relates to the internment camps my father and his family were sent to during WWII. Check out the movie, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival!www.thecatsofmirikitani.comSamples of Jimmy's work:

March show is down!

This is the work shown at the Millennium Place in Whistler during the month of March! More art is coming up. I will be partaking in the Brave Locals sector of the Brave Art Show during the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler for the week of April 15th... More details soon!Paintings by Lisa Komuro.

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