The Fitzsimmons Pub through Easter

New work up at the Fitzsimmons Pub through Easter!Check it out. Blackcomb Base, next to Ciao Thyme Bistro and Blackcomb Liquor Store.Hours of Operation: 11:30AM - 1AM Monday - Friday | 10:30AM - 1AM Saturday | 10:30AM - 12AM Sundaywww.blackcombliquorstore.com604.932.9795 Lisa is a Pemberton based artist thatfocuses on merging the culture of herpresent to that of her past. Throughout each piece you can find many tidbits that reflect both her current Canadian situation, her American upbringing and her Japanese roots. This current series is an uplifting one full of hope, love and passion. Lisa's work takes seed in a quote and manifests into deep, passionate works of art. By using a multitude of mediums from acrylics to vintage origami paper she always seems to incorporate thought provoking ideas and themes. The captivating end product has a prominent Japanese influence and is full of depth, both mentally and physically. Lisa has received a B.F.A from Montana State University in Bozeman as well as a Graphic and Web Design Certificate fromSessions School of Art and Design. Shecurrently works out of pemberton as a full time Graphic and Web Designer. To Contact her or See her portfolios go to

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