State of the Art 2011

We were lucky enough to participate in this year's State of the Art, Art Exhibit at the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler this Spring. It's an amazing opportunity to be featured with some amazing artists from far and wide. "There are no rules and this is not a paint-inside-the-lines event. Sub-cultures and anti-movements are celebrated and portrayed in gritty and thought-provoking mediums." It's my favorite event in Whistler each year.

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Winter work at Mount Currie Coffee Company

I am lucky to have my second solo show at Mount Currie Coffee Company in Pemberton, BC this Winter. Just in time for the snowfall. This series is all acrylic and mixed media on wood panel, inspired by the good things in life. Each month of the year is represented, along intertwined with an uplifting image or idea. This is the first time I signed any work as Lisa Ankeny (my new married name) and it feels great! Pop in and have a peek with your latté!   Happy Winter!  

State of the Art – April 17-24, 2010. New Art and Ski Graphics!

Get ready to get your art fix this Telus Fest 2010. I will be exhibiting 4 new pieces alongside some of the freshest artists around. It feels good to let the paint, ink and glue flow once again... phew! Along side the new work will be a pair of the '09/'10 G3 Jams - one of the 5 skis, I was lucky enough to design the topsheets for.The gallery is at the Whistler Conference Centre in the Grand Foyer. Opening night is always a blast with loads of fresh eye candy left and right. Hope to see you there... Open: 12pm – 6pm daily / 8pm – late on gala ticketed nights.From the site:You don’t need to go to the urban streets to find art that resonates with grit, tension and the stank of a counterculture. State of the Art fills the TELUS Conference Centre Foyer with mind-bombs and eye-candy from break-out contemporary artists from the worlds of street and snow. This is a world in which nobody is colouring inside the lines.

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Collaborative Artwork from Migration. A show of two friends, separated.

Here are some images from our recent show "Migration".We've had some amazing feedback and are looking to make prints onto specialty tees now.A Poem about the exhibit by Heather Bentz:Expression Through Migrationscrapbooks and canvases conveyed across boundariestwo women communicating through unique meanspencils and paint, words and pictureshung upon the wallscanvases with an array of images“She Said” captures my eyealluring me with its brightly oranged leavesand a singular ebony birdevoking memories of Poe’s “The Raven”each image and word communicating to meas I open a bookmy eye is met with a page of soothing blueturn to the next and surprised by a vibrant redfilled with sketches, paintings, pictures, clippingswords, messages, thoughts, quotesimages of birds, feet and hands, dogs, a manscattered across the pages in seeming madnessyet holding great meaningas they match the monochromatic paint splashed pagesI think I understandbut a turn of the page againand I am suddenly confronted with a splash of colorevery shade and value imaginable plastered across the pageeach page contains a hidden meaningthe lock is clear to see standing out boldlybut the key is amongst those words, poems, picturesdisguised under a thin layer of paintgiving the women partial secrecy to their deepest selvesat least for a whileneatness and order are subservient to chaostorn masking tape securing bits of life to the pagesitems overlapping in wonderful collageschaos making senseproviding that key to the secrets, worries, woes, inspirations, intimacies,tribulations, triumphs, failures, confessions, questionsabout family, friends, lovers, selvesevery book uniquely differentnot only in content but the books themselvesspiraled notebooks, old art books, pages clasped together with cold metal ringsdrawings on old newspapers, maps, notebook and patterned paperanything and everything conceivableeach taped into books with loving careempty pages waiting to be filled with life yet unlivedas the [...]

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