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The Photos

01 Most recent art cluster hanging at Mount Currie Coffee Co. Pembie.

02 Little stack of inspiration. Schramm Gin Label Redesign – Completed Fall 2011.

03 Ski Topsheet Graphics created for G3. This is my 3rd year with them. In stores now!

04 My Bulletin Board. Remnants of family, inspiration, angel and devil from Oaxaca and endless ‘To Do List’.

05 My nightly reading these days. I read at least five books a day!

06 My co-workers. (Actually hand made wedding cake toppers a friend made, that got stuck in that untimely postal strike.)

07 My partner in crime. Still spunky at times and almost 14. I hope I have her genes.

08 Office Treats. Short medium roast, black. Kale chips. Java Jacket design completed Fall 2009.