New shirts from the collaboration “Migration” are in shops now. Find them at Gerty in Bozeman, or Mount Currie Coffee Company in Pemberton BC.

The fragments of freedom are printed on short sleeve destroyed tees and long sleeve eco-hooded tees! They’re both super soft and cozy.

When unfolding into a journal… You spill open. So much more is released than something placed on a canvas for display. Inner truths, deep fears and raw emotions are spilled onto the blank pages of the book.

Two artists: Lisa Komuro of Pemberton BC and Stacie Smith of Bozeman Montana collaborated on a shared journal and canvas project for the past two years.

What happened next was magic.

A show was held in Bozeman Montana in September of 2007 at the Deweese Gallery. The entire collection on the walls sold out and guests were able to thumb through the pages of the shared journals. Giving them a glimpse of the inner workings of both Lisa and Stacie.

Now these shirts are available. The prints are from delicate fragments of their work. It gives you a passionate glimpse of them as individuals and artists. Enjoy them. Share them. Wear them out! They are printed on purposefully soft fabric!

Go to one of these two places for your shirt or email us with an order!
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