Here are some images from our recent show “Migration”.
We’ve had some amazing feedback and are looking to make prints onto specialty tees now.

A Poem about the exhibit by Heather Bentz:
Expression Through Migration

scrapbooks and canvases conveyed across boundaries
two women communicating through unique means
pencils and paint, words and pictures

hung upon the walls
canvases with an array of images
“She Said” captures my eye
alluring me with its brightly oranged leaves
and a singular ebony bird
evoking memories of Poe’s “The Raven”
each image and word communicating to me

as I open a book
my eye is met with a page of soothing blue
turn to the next and surprised by a vibrant red
filled with sketches, paintings, pictures, clippings
words, messages, thoughts, quotes
images of birds, feet and hands, dogs, a man
scattered across the pages in seeming madness
yet holding great meaning
as they match the monochromatic paint splashed pages
I think I understand
but a turn of the page again
and I am suddenly confronted with a splash of color
every shade and value imaginable plastered across the page

each page contains a hidden meaning
the lock is clear to see standing out boldly
but the key is amongst those words, poems, pictures
disguised under a thin layer of paint
giving the women partial secrecy to their deepest selves
at least for a while
neatness and order are subservient to chaos
torn masking tape securing bits of life to the pages
items overlapping in wonderful collages
chaos making sense
providing that key to the secrets, worries, woes, inspirations, intimacies,
tribulations, triumphs, failures, confessions, questions
about family, friends, lovers, selves

every book uniquely different
not only in content but the books themselves
spiraled notebooks, old art books, pages clasped together with cold metal rings
drawings on old newspapers, maps, notebook and patterned paper
anything and everything conceivable
each taped into books with loving care
empty pages waiting to be filled with life yet unlived

as the birds fly across the pages and canvases
so these masterpieces migrate between these two women
a symbol of friendship displayed for all to see

a continuous flow of memory, thought, and feeling.