Aki just informed me that they had raised over $1,000 from the raffle alone for relief funds to the crisis in Japan on Pecha Kucha Night this past Monday! So awesome.  Here is the link to the page: http://www.wssf.com/event/pecha-kucha-1. It is a series of 20 second presentations with images and words. Aki described it as a “powerpoint presentation on crack”. Very entertaining. See you there next year!

Background info:

PechaKucha, devised in 2003 and named for the sound of ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, is the worldwide phenomenon held in hundreds of cities worldwide. A rapid fire form of PowerPoint presentation and connection, PechaKucha allows for 20 images at 20 seconds each then onto the next speaker. Now held as a massive celebration and opportunity for young designers and entrepreneurs to meet, network and show their work in public, PechaKucha delivers on all levels, keeping the concept grassroots, passionate and high-speed.


Thanks to everyone for coming out last night, best PechaKucha Night ever! We raised over $1500 for the Canadian Red Cross so thanks for all your support, follow @pknwhistler on Twitter to get updates on upcoming events.