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AC Petroleum

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At Sumire Design, we take pride in our ability to transform businesses through branding and digital solutions. In 2009, AC Petroleum and Betsy of B-Line Marketing approached us in need of a brand, logo and marketing material for a new petroleum company in the area. We rose to the challenge and created a powerful brand identity from scratch. A decade later, in 2019, we partnered with AC Petroleum to take their online presence to new heights with a responsive website.


2009 (Logo and Branding),
2019 (Website Development)


AC Petroleum

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The Branding Journey

In 2009, our creative journey with AC Petroleum began, marking the inception of their distinctive logo that has since become an iconic symbol. At that time, AC Petroleum was in need of a visual identity to set them apart in the competitive petroleum industry. Drawing inspiration from their values and brand personality, we meticulously crafted a logo in a striking combination of carmine red and black. This choice of colors not only exuded boldness and power but also resonated with the essence of their business. The resulting design was streamlined and versatile, featuring the prominent AC icon alongside the company name. Over the years, this logo has gracefully adapted to represent various sub-categories such as AC Gas and AC Propane, consistently maintaining the same lettering choices, ensuring that it remains instantly recognizable even from a distance. AC Petroleum’s branding journey has indeed been a testament to the enduring power of a well-crafted logo.

The Digital Revolution

Fast forward to 2019, AC Petroleum recognized the importance of a strong online presence. We designed and developed a responsive website, built on a Content Management System (CMS) platform, the site allowed AC Petroleum to easily update content in-house.

Streamlining Client Engagement

The new website was a game-changer for AC Petroleum. It not only showcased their services but also streamlined client engagement. This efficiency eliminated unnecessary back-and-forth communication, enabling AC Petroleum to provide seamless services and foster stronger client relationships.


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Today, AC Petroleum stands as a shining example of how a strong visual identity and an effective online presence can shape a company’s success. We take pride in having been part of their branding and digital transformation journey. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your brand and online footprint, Sumire Design is here to help you make a lasting impression in your industry.

About AC Petroleum

AC Petroleum has been a trusted name in the Sea-to-Sky and Lower Mainland regions for over a decade. They specialize in delivering bulk fuels, including clear and marked gasoline and diesel products, heating oil, and propane. Their cardlock facilities in Pemberton and Whistler offer advantages like monthly billing, statistical reporting, and cost-effective fuel options.

In addition to fuels and oils, AC Petroleum provides lubricants and related products to keep businesses and households moving. Their Pemberton location offers full-service propane fills and exchanges, as well as on-site deliveries.