“Lisa with Sumire Design has consistently delivered on our numerous ski graphic projects with both exceptional creativity and reasonable costs. Lisa’s wide ranging artistic abilities and excellent listening skills helps move her work smoothly from concept stage to final prepared art in an efficient and structured manner. It’s been a pleasure working with Sumire Design and we look forward to more excellent work.”
Oliver Steffen, G3



“Sumire Design was instrumental in making our ideas a great success. Our company was in desperate need of a brand identity. Sumire Design was a one stop shop and helped us create our entire marketing portfolio. To start us off,  Lisa came up with a great original logo, which became the cornerstone of our marketing effort. After that she helped us create awesome business cards, jobsite signage, vehicle graphics, and finally a an awesome looking, professional, functional website. Sumire Design has continued to provide us with support whenever we need help with a graphics related project.”
Chris Addario, Ario Construction



“I have worked with Lisa on several projects over the years. She is a master of creating “just the right look” and combines that with a professional approach that leaves me with the perfect logo every time. With her work on the front of my projects, I feel inspired to match her genius.”



“As an x pro rider with some carpentry skills who builds skis, lets say my knowledge of the internet and web design is slim to none and Slim’s out of town.
Lisa was awesome to work with. Guiding me through the process not only designing my site but teaching me how to manage it on my own. Lisa also helped out with several other graphic elements of my business, stickers, logo design and I doubt if I could have got off the ground without her help. Thanks to Lisa, Foonskis is up and rolling with an awesome web site.”
John Chilton, Foon Skis



“Sumire Design is a joy to work with. I love the artistry that comes forth every time that I work with her. On top of the beauty of the product, I am always greeted with professionalism, enthusiasm and timeliness.”
Neesha Zollinger, Akasha Yoga



“Lisa designed a website for my small business, recommending and linking up a great ‘shop’ component to a visually dynamic online identity. She listens to her client’s needs and delivers consistently.”
Shannon Didier Ellis, Ellis Designs



“I was referred to Lisa by a mutual friend as she was starting Sumire Design up in Canada. It has been a pleasure to work with her and watch her grow over the years.
Lisa is passionate, energetic, inspires and infuses, and helps your business grow just by creating beautiful web presences. In few words, Lisa will blend her artistic vision with her love for helping people thrive in whatever work they love to do and make it graphically pleasing to the public eye. She’s my guru.”



“I’ve worked with dozens of graphic designers in my career. Lisa had the best process by far for helping me to define my logo design and objectives. Her rates and billing process were very well defined and the results were fantastic. She accomplished my logo design in three drafts which in my opinion as a fellow designer, is very admirable.”
Craig Daviduk, Ultimate Promotions